My Guilt

I don’t know if it’s the time of the month, the full moon or just my general state of mind but sometimes I get overly sensitive and every little thing can get me down. That’s how it is today.

On the blogging front, I just had a blog rejected by PPP that I have been working hard to improve. It will mean less income from sponsored posts for me. I also lost PageRank on two of my blogs, Amoores and Cooked from the Heart. They are now both sitting at 0 PR from 3.  I don’t do any sponsored posts on those blogs so it doesn’t really affect me financially. It’s just the thought of having PR reduced on blogs that I have taken care to cultivate and grow.

On the financial front, money is tight. I guess that’s one reason the PPP rejection stings more. I have to find ways to cut more from our budget. My main problem, I know, is saying NO to my family. I just feel guilty when I can’t get something they want or need. They don’t ask for much, so that makes me feel even more guilty.

On the personal front,  I hate that I feel guilty when my husband is in a bad mood. When he’s angry and ranting about things, why do I feel like it’s directed at me? Why do I get defensive and start reading things into what he says so that it may be meant for me? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t but it still gets to me.

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  1. No answers me, but I feel for you. {{{JMom}}} I hope you find something uplifting and fun to do with family this weekend – that might help. Good luck with the blog situation.

  2. I lost Page Rank, too, and I don’t care anymore. Don’t give up on PPP. Maybe there’s another experienced blogger out there who can give you some advice. Are you doing PayU2Blog?
    Women’s hormones can make things seem worse. Take Skeet’s advice and do something you enjoy. One thing I love to do is take a walk and enjoy nature. (I use that time to pray, too)

  3. Hi Skeet and Charla, thanks for the kind words. I do feel better now. I took the weekend to spend with family and even put in some “ME” time to read a book. Then things started turning all on their own! Husband got paid, yeay! on the finance front. That made him feel better and better to be around. yeay! on the personal front.

    On the blogging front, nothings changed but I feel better anyway. Charla, yes I am now also doing PU2B on my PPP rejected blog. I know what you mean about the nature walk. Just getting away from the computer and into real life made everything so much rosier 🙂

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