PhotobucketI was angry and I wanted to do mean and evil things. But, I decided to exhale and take it easy.

Today, I feel so much better and I’m really glad that I didn’t do some of the mean, calculated and very permanent things I contemplated on doing.

Sometimes we really do have to take some time to deflate and realize that the things that we were all full of were just hot air to begin with. Not important enough to waste energy on. Yeah, I know, easy to say after the fact. No one had better say this to me when I’m in the midst of my ranting. It’s just good to keep in mind, for next time, ya know. Because there will be a next time…. School is always open for life and its lessons.

Repeat After Me, I’M WONDERFUL!

The Secret claims that if you visualize something, say it and believe it, that you will achieve it. My husband has been talking about this for a long time too but I have always been the skeptic. He said that he used to stand in front of the mirror everyday, look himself in the eye, and tell himself “You are wonderful!”

I’ve tried doing this, but I always felt kind of silly. I end up giggling or turning away from the mirror shaking my head at how ridiculous I’ve been.

That pessimist voice inside me is really hard to crush sometimes, even with the best intentions.  I think it has to do with the simplicity of the idea of merely thinking or meditating on your desire and you’ll get it. I’ve always believed that if you want something badly enough, you think it, conceptualize it and implement it.

Here is an example: I want to be beautiful. So is it enough that I look at myself everyday and tell myself I am beautiful? Would I be beautiful if I did this religiously but not combed my hair or brushed my teeth? What if I didn’t ever bathe or change my clothes or put make up on. What if I just laid on the sofa all day eating chips and drinking soda? Would I be beautiful because I said and believe that I am?

Merely saying something, even believing something, does not make it so. You have to work to make it so. If you say you are wonderful, then do wonderful things! (My husband does this, btw 🙂 ) If you say you are beautiful, then work to keep yourself beautiful.

I also think that a lot of times when we look in the mirror and wish things for us to believe in, they are sometimes superficial and self serving. I wonder how many look at themselves in the morning and say, “today I am going to be kind to everyone I meet” or “Today I will brighten someone’s day”?