Have I loved Enough? Part 2

I didn’t explain this before I posted the first story. I am writing these stories as a literary┬áexercise but also in response to a discussion I am having with some good friends on facebook. I will post separately, how this discussion and how the tree metaphor, briefly alluded to, came about. I hope it all makes sense in the end.

The setting of this story: Los Angeles, CA – the ’80s.

I met him on the day I graduated from high school. I was 18. A friend brought him to my graduation party. He had just arrived from the Philippines, probably a mere month or so. He didn’t immediately capture my attention (they never do) but he started hanging out with me and my friends going dancing, partying and whatever else young people do at that time. After a few months of going out with the group, we started doing things on our own. We started out as friends and love crept in slowly, none of the earth shattering love at first sight event happened. We almost didn’t know it was happening because we were busy being friends.

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Have I Loved Enough? Part 1

I will readily admit that my heart has had its share of loves and has also taken its share of beating. I do not regret the hurts though, for if I had never been so profoundly hurt then I would not be able to appreciate being consummately loved.

The branches in my tree involving romance have but three sturdy branches. There are a number of smaller twigs but they are of no consequence, mere fillers in the canopy of life.

The first branch, my first story is the worst for this love had hurt me to the core, rotted my soul and almost decimated my being. But as you can see, I am still here, stronger than I have ever been so there is a happy ending to this sad tale.

I was born a romantic. Even without immediate models to fashion after, my heart has always been open to love, like a sapling raring to sprout new shoots.

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